Why is kayaking in water sports is so popular in Abu Dhabi?


Why water sports are so popular in Abu Dhabi?

Are you into kayaking or thinking about trying it for the first time? You must have so many questions in your mind, like what will you get out of it? Or is it safe for kids? Or how to do it? Well for your ease, we asked these same questions from the professional and trained team of Mangroves Adventures. Water sports in Abu Dhabi for trips and trips with family are arranged by kayaking company. Here is what we got!

What’s kayaking like?

Kayaking is a fun on-water adventure that involves a paddler who sits in a kayak facing front, legs forward and uses a double-bladed ore. It can be done as a hobby or as an adventurous family vacation trip in Abu Dhabi.

What makes kayaking so interesting?

Here are several convincing benefits that will leave you drooling in your seats:

Feel fresh, free, and alive

Get your wild fixed through kayaking. I swear! The experience is different every time. This exhilarating adventure boosts your confidence. MWS has witnessed many nervous beginners finish their trip with a bright grin on their faces. Splashing about, having a conversation with your family or new friends is fun.

Stress reliever

It’s a way in which not only your body but your mind also exercises. When you kayak on calm and reflective water, you enter a deeper state of mind. If you close your eyes for a moment, you will feel as light as a feather. The rhythm of the paddling stroke is so relaxing and meditative. Plus on a kayak, there will be no media exposure, which means reduced stress. Nature will be the only screen for your kids (Kayaking got you’ll mom’s back)


See wildlife and nature up-close

In many outdoor activities, recreational kayaking is one of the most amazing on-water activities that let you interact with nature in a great way. Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Mangrove Park located on Jubail Island offers wild places for wildlife to thrive. Additionally, it is very peaceful and accessible to very few people, meaning away from the crowd, smoke, and dust of the busy city.

Burn some calories

Whoa! Who on earth would not want that? A 60-minute session of kayaking can burn up to 400 calories. Wait what?! All this without hitting the gym? Go kill that food baby grown due to lockdown and tone your tummy. Somebody hand me my paddles!

Build some muscles

Kayaking is a low impact activity with a lot of health benefits. The first one being the improved cardiovascular health that your heart will adore for sure. Secondly, the constant paddling increases the strength of your back, arm, shoulder, and chest muscles. Not only this, but it also strengthens your lower body including your torso and leg muscles while steering and guiding the kayak.

Stay cool in hot summers

Are you tired of sitting around the air conditioner in your room all day? Go kayak to kill the heat of scorching sun, when every other fun outdoor activity is impossible. The cool breeze and swashing of water is the solution to keep your nerves calm.

How to get started with kayaking?

The first step of kayaking is to rent a kayak tour. Mangrove water sports kayaking company is offering everything, including in-depth instructions and lifejackets. 2nd step will be choosing the right paddle for you according to your size and skill level. Then find a time and place, Jubail kayaking prices and services are in great demand in Abu Dhabi due to the breathtaking views and affordable prices.

Once you have done all this learn how to paddle a kayak: hold the paddle firmly from the shaft while your knuckles facing upward, the concave side of the blade should always be towards you. Now before moving, make sure that your elbow makes an angle of 90-degree while holding the paddle from the center. You are ready to go!

Kayaking without knowing how to swim?

Don’t hold back from this amazing adventure, if you don’t know how to swim. All you have to do is just get familiar with the water. Kayaking with Best Water Sports & kayaking Company is easy and safe, there is no need to fear it. Of course, there are chances of your kayak tipping over, but then the life jacket will keep you up to float. Having zero skills is not the problem here my friend, the only problem is water phobia. If you are afraid of water then we would suggest you first believe in yourself and then go conquer your fear. I promise there is so much fun waiting for you on the other side of fear.

How to book water sports in Abu Dhabi?

Digital technology has made a lot of things easier. Now booking kayaking services and other water sports have been made so convenient than the past times. Make up your mind and book trips and tour in Abu Dhabi online. Mangrove water Sports Company is one of the finest and top-rated companies in Abu Dhabi. You can also get a one on one interaction with our professional team at the mangroves promenade near Anantara hotel Abu Dhabi and Jubail Mangrove Park located on Abu Dhabi’s Al Jubail Island.

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