Finding a recreational point? Visit Jubial Mangorve park Jubail Island

Jubail Mangrove Park

Jubail Island Investment Company develops a new and innovative relaxation destination that loves and searches outdoor advantages. The amazing forecast project that provide all in one enjoyment point by providing water based and outdoor activities along with green lush parks and much more entertaining hotspots. Al Jubail Island constructed on unique concept and low impact development idea in UAE. Jubail Island accommodates low population and various stunning landscapes and waterways. Generally, Jubail Mangrove Park comprises on almost 5000-6000 residents all over. Let’s find out how Jubail Island tour entertains people?

Jubail Island

This island spread along mangrove forests and coastal estuaries across 4000 hectares; one of the closest water front development plans of city is Al Jubail Island. Jubail Island not ranges from convenient amenities of facilities but it also strengthen entertainment, business and cultural destinations in the city. No doubt people love to visit Mangrove Park and the other popular site Mangrove Walk resides in this city area. Moreover attractive mangrove reserves area offer visitors a lot more they think. In-between Yas Island and Saadiyt Island the Jubail Island is a fantastic natural site located away from the fuss and noise of city.


Island Tour

Fun things to visit in Jubail Island

The cities best enjoyment point at easy reach is a hotspot in between Abu Dhabi’s two most desired destinations. Public parks, water sports activities, natural kayaking reserves and walking tracks all of these are entertaining hotspots for recreational lovers in Jubail Island. World’s best kayaking experience gain in eastern mangroves with your family even if it is your first experience of paddling in stagnant water.

Jubail Mangrove Park

Quoted as first self contained educational, leisure, and natural destination in Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi is Jubail Mangrove Park is famous recreational point in neighborhood. Mangrove shelter is a sanctuary for avian and local species. Mangrove enhances understanding, appreciation, and awareness of basic ecological activity of mangrove residents that comprises of protection of biodiversity and Abu Dhabi Coastline. Mangrove Park Abu Dhabi, a winding boardwalk enrich experience to explore mangroves and discover Abu Dhabi in its real essence.


Mangrove Walkway in Jubail Island

Qurum Walkway is another exciting feature in Jubail Island, also known as Mangrove Walkway. The charming promenade comprises in mangrove national park about million square feet. Visiting in natural mangrove park, the Qurum walkway serves as perfect location for tourists who are really nature lover and feel connection between animal species and natural habitats.  Mangrove Walkway constructed in such a way that visitors find an essential migratory route to see tropical birds during their visit in mangroves. Not only walkways but Mangrove Park also includes play area for kids and kayaking tours to enhance outdoor trip experience for recreational lovers.

Beach Club in Jubail Island

Beaches at Jubail Island proves awesome fun point for most of the families as it provide an exciting feature of quick dip in the sea, moreover a rapid morning lope for jogging lovers. Almost 30 KM of mangroves coastline around the Jubail Island surely visitor find a beach. Not only beaches but beach club also gain residents attraction with their exciting features.

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports

On Jubail Island not only visitor enjoy stunning natural view of beach and walkways but also enjoy many mangrove water sport activities. Mangrove Water sport and adventure is a kayaking point in Abu Dhabi aiming to create close contact among visitor and nature experiencing water biking in sizzling waves.  Mangrove water sports activities allow visitors to explore natural essence while water biking and kayaking. The beauty of nature admitted when paddling in green water surrounded by beautiful forest gave a picturesque view.

Kayaking in Abu Dhabi

Jubail Mangrove Kayaking

Worldwide kayaking consider as most beautiful spot that gives tranquility and peace. Abu Dhabi along its breath taking coastlines gives you the best place for kayaking. Mangrove comprises about 150 KM of United Arab Emirates coastline and work as green lung for UAE. Jubail Mangrove Park act as green lung of Abu Dhabi and provide shelter to diverse range of plant and animal species. Mangroves fronting composed platform for kayakers acting as baseline among waves and ocean currents.  Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi provide beautiful sunset view in a single boat cruise of mangroves lakes, you feel real relation with nature when breeze blushes your cheeks during kayaking.

Sunrise Kayak tour


Mangroves, kayaking, and beaches in Yas Island are premier destination for tourists in Abu Dhabi in addition residents of Jubail Island. Some of best destination visits are Yas Water world, Warner Bros World, and Ferrari parks. Moreover Marfaa al Jubail, Nad al Dhabi, seef al Jubail, souk al Jubail, ain al maha, and beda al hubail are six village community of Jubail Island, each of them fashioned with grace full and distinct designs and elegant structured town houses, villas and apartments.

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