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Let’s Go Kayak in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the central hub of tourism and considers as the most visited tourist place for fun and entertainment. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is one of the best kayaking and water sports services provider in Abu Dhabi. It’s a perfect destination for adventure, watersport, and entertainment. Enjoy kayaking trip with vast mangrove forests that characterize Abu Dhabi’s coastline.

Water sports spiced up your trips with unlimited adventure, fun, and entertainment. It’s also a healthy sports activity with friends and family in beautiful coastal areas of mangrove forest. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is a top-rated water sports company in Abu Dhabi. Visit us at Eastern Mangroves Promenad, Jubail Mangrove Park and soon at Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.

Get excited for countless pleasure and enthusiasm as Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offering a variety of water sports activities that add values in your trips and tour.

Best Mangrove Kayaking Company

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports provides spectacular, super entertaining kayaking trips with unimaginable coastal beauty along with the forest.

Kayaking is one of the most adventurous water sports all over the world. Now you can enjoy the water life of the beautiful Abu Dhabi natural habitat of mangroves through the coastline.

Our Water Sports Services in Abu Dhabi


It’s the most famous water sports. We will also provide you everything along with guidance and safety. You can enjoy single kayaking or double kayaking services for a couple of hours. It’s a tremendous adventurous sport, and you will certainly enjoy it a lot.

Electric Boats

Bring a friend along and enjoy the excitement of cruising the view of Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi with spacious seating for two and a waterproof stereo. Effortless input powers the craft ahead.

Island Trips

How about a luxury island trip on the boats. We have standard quality boats and cruise so that you can enjoy on the beautiful islands of Abu Dhabi.

Boat Cruise

Spend the best time of your trip with your friends and family over the boat cruise. Luxurious services are available at the most affordable prices. There are surprising views and nature’s glory near a mangrove forest in the water. It cools and instantly provides you freedom and relaxation.

Water Bike

More adventurous and love water sports. Get up to the next level of adventurous sports with a water bike tour. We have standard quality services regarding water biking to ensure unlimited fun and excitement.

Stand up paddleboarding 

Stand up Paddleboarding is also an entertaining sport you can enjoy through us with the best facilitation and services.

Kayaking services in Abu Dhabi

Services of kayaking in Abu Dhabi are very limited. We are providing kayaking services in two famous locations, eastern mangroves promenade near Anantara hotel Abudhabi & Jubail mangrove park located on Abu Dhabi’s Al Jubail Island. The mangrove forest is one of the most natural sites far wide from the city. Our company has professionally trained person who will prepare and guide you for the best water fun & Kayaking in Abu Dhabi.

Most importantly, you will get all the supplies, including paddles and boats, along with all other life-saving items. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports, on top priority, ensure every kind of safety. We are the top-rated Kayaking company in Abu Dhabi due to our high standard service and safety measures.

Unquestionably, we also provide multiple other water sports services that can add value to your Abu Dhabi trip. In addition, we have the most affordable kayak vacation packages. Most importantly, you can also enjoy wonderful 1, 2 hours single kayaking or double kayaking services at affordable prices. You can also entertain yourself by following water sports services.