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Best Places for Kayaking and water sports Around The World

Kayaking Worldwide Kayaking around the world is carried out in beautiful spots that exude an essence of peace and tranquility. It’s a low effort water sports that requires a paddling using a double-bladed oar and a small boat. Rivers, lakes, oceans and even surf zones are Best Places for Kayaking. Here we are going to […]

Full Moon Kayaking tour at Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports Abu Dhabi

Full Moon Kayaking

Around the world, many people gather in whatever way they can to enjoy the full moon and its remarkable beauty every now and then. People set out watch parties, picnics, and gather around with loved ones. Keeping that in mind we have created the perfect getaway for you and your family to enjoy full moon […]

Enjoy Ramadan night kayaking with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports in Abu Dhabi


As Ramadan starts, people from all over the world gather in the main hub of retail and lifestyle in Abu Dhabi in the eastern mangrove forests for a chance to experience the beauty of the nature and also witness the fast pace life in the entertainment sectors of the busy city. In this beautiful city […]

Why is kayaking in water sports is so popular in Abu Dhabi?


Why water sports are so popular in Abu Dhabi? Are you into kayaking or thinking about trying it for the first time? You must have so many questions in your mind, like what will you get out of it? Or is it safe for kids? Or how to do it? Well for your ease, we […]

The most popular water sports activity Kayaking in Abu Dhabi


Water sports & Kayaking In Abu Dhabi Worried about your introverted kid, always clung to the screen? Looking for some heavenly peace for yourself? Kayaking will help you escape the stress of your workload and thousand other problems. The water around you will make you realize how tiny you and your problems are. It is […]

Do You Know About Best Kayaking Company In Abu Dhabi


Kayaking is a number one water sports for those people who like Kayak very much but it’s not for only those people, it’s Better For Everyone. There are contrary categories of Kayaking like a White water kayaking, sea Kayaking & flat-water Kayaking. As We know UAE Is the famous for water sports Adventure & Mangroves’ […]

What is Kayaking and How to get Kayaking Services?

How to Get Kayaking Services

What is kayaking in actual? Kayaking is an enjoyable activity that includes travelling through the water in a little water vessel with the guide of a twofold bladed oar. It permits the boat driver to move through streams by sitting face-forward and pushing ahead with substituting side-to-side oar strokes. The paddler sits in the cockpit […]

Things that you need to know before visiting in Dubai

Things that you need to know before visiting Dubai

Dubai is an enigma to those that haven’t skilled the ultramodern marvel earlier than! Nevertheless, there’s a recommendation that vacationers ought to pay attention to whereas planning their journey to Dubai in addition to several myths that must be addressed. This information to Dubai journey ideas will put together you for the perfect time within the United […]

Everything You Need to Know About Eastern Mangrove Abu Dhabi


Do you want to Enjoy your day? Kayaking in Eastern Mangrove is all about enjoyable and journey. Here’s what it’s good to find out about Eastern Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi. Eastern Mangroves Cost and Duration of Kayaking Tours?  Several tour operators provide single, double or household kayaking company in Abu Dhabi. The approximate value […]

Best Spots to Enjoy the Kayaking – Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports

Hottest Prime Spots for Kayaking

Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Jubail mangrove park, Palm Jumeirah or Hatta Dam of Dubai is a super vacation spot for each type of sports activities water exercise. Kayaking in Dubai is likely one of the adventurous water sports activities that give the only solution to discover the Abu Dubai. When you glide throughout the waters of gorgeous Mangroves, […]