Water Sports Activities in The Eastern Mangrove Promenade

Eastern Mangrove Activities - MWS

The eastern mangrove promenade at its core is a pivot for all things pertaining to retail, vacation and leisure Water Sports activities. This area is loaded with fun activities and laid back relaxing to do, so your whole family and friends are guaranteed to have a good time.  It is most famous for the fun water activities that people of all age groups can enjoy without much difficulty. The spot offers high energy water sports such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, paddle board cruising and water bicycling. All the while it also has amazing activities for kids and the elderly such as boat tours along the island and sun dolphin boating for kids.

Water Sports activities at  Mangrove Adventures

At the Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports we aim to be the means for all the nature and water sports enthusiasts to explore and discover the beauty that Abu Dhabi has to offer in the form of its lush green forests and marine life on the archipelago of islands or the beauty of native wild life on the land.

Eastern Mangrove Activities - MWS


If you are looking for a nice relaxing day out with your family and friends Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers double kayaking rides from just  AED 85 per ride through Abu Dhabi’s lush mangrove forests. You and your companion can enjoy the waters and explore marine wild life such as crabs, sting rays, herons.


If you’re looking for a magical experience on the waters of the islands where the suns warm rays feel good on the skin and make the water glitter or at night when the sun slowly sets painting the sky a serene orang hue, mangrove services offers twice a day sunrise and sunset kayaking trips, so you can witness the beauty at your convenience. The prices start at AED 130.

Sunrise Kayak tour


You can also avail the service of full moon kayaking if you’re much more into exploring the waters lit by moonlight creating a picturesque view. Including Kayak set, a service of a guide, fruit salad, drinking water bottles, a place to wash, use of a changing area you can enjoy a 120 minute ride with no hassle no worries.

Full Moon Kayaking


If you’re not much familiar with the waters and require an experienced tour guide to help you navigating the waters you can book a trip with that.


Loaded with all the important necessities you can enjoy single kayak trip on the waters alone and experience peace and tranquility like never before.

Kayaking in Abu Dhabi


You can enjoy a Island trip of the beautiful waters and the lush mangrove forests with our experienced employees that know the islands and have been working here around the year.  You can explore the wildlife In the forests and experience the relaxing shores.

Island Tour


The eastern mangroves is the perfect spot to put your stand up paddle boarding skills to test. The picturesque views of the nature that’s spread across 24 meters in length is bound to give you a taste of peace and accomplishment.


The Arabian Breeze is of the perfect temperature if you want a relaxing boat cruise trip. The warm air hits the skin fulfilling all your dreams of a warm sunny heaven. Featuring three different options for boats that fit anywhere from 7 to 12 persons, we are fully equipped to give you and your loved ones an unforgettable ride on the waters. The unique sailing routes shows you Abu Dhabi’s incredible environmental heritage. Family, friends or colleagues can discover green mangrove forests,  marine wildlife and peace in the secluded islands surrounded by heavenly turquoise waters.

Nahyani white boat


Your kids can enjoy a fun and safe adventure filled time on the dolphin boat on the waters that is able to seat 4 people, starting at just AED 150.


You can book a double or single bicycling trip on the waters to enjoy a relaxing, low effort ride on the vast, turquoise waters of the islands. The ride duration is 120 minutes.

Double Water Bicycle Experience


Looking for a similar experience as the cruises but for half the price or due to a smaller audience? You can book the small but comfortable paddle boat cruise to take you on the waters and enjoy the serene and peaceful waters. Prices start at 180 AED and 140 AED for a full hour or half an hour respectively.

pedal Boat


Enjoy a spectacular 1 hour canoe tour using an electric engine with one of our guides to witness the beauty of the mangroves and the wildlife with little to no experience or effort from your side at the Jubail mangrove park.


Jubail Mangrove Park offers a variety of different art classes for kids such as the collaborative projects for mother’s day, acrylic painting and water painting lessons etc. so your kids can have a productive and fun day.


If you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime at yoga surrounded by nature’s most beautiful views and serenity of the islands, look no further. Mangrove Adventures the best kayaking Company for Water Sports Activities in Abu Dhabi at Jubail Mangrove Park offers morning and sunset yoga along with sound healing sessions so you and your energy can feel refreshed and renewed.

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