The most popular water sports activity Kayaking in Abu Dhabi


Water sports & Kayaking In Abu Dhabi

Worried about your introverted kid, always clung to the screen? Looking for some heavenly peace for yourself? Kayaking will help you escape the stress of your workload and thousand other problems. The water around you will make you realize how tiny you and your problems are. It is a great recreational outdoor activity for your lazy kids. Overall kayaking is an entertaining and exciting way to spend some time with your close ones. Call a bunch of friends, make a plan to enjoy water sports activities and Kayaking in Abu Dhabi through the mangroves adventures. you are all going to relish it.

Is kayaking beginner friendly?

Oh yes absolutely! It is the most frequently asked question and to our delight, almost anyone can become a paddler with a few instructions. Kayaking is just paddling on a kayak which is a small narrow watercraft. There is no need to panic if you haven’t tried kayaking before. You can even excel in it with a few techniques, tips, and training drills.

Is kayaking worth a try?

Are you lost and looking for joy? If the goal is to find “yourself” then you must live a life full of adventures. We live in a beautiful world that is full of wonders and surprises. Kayaking is a thrilling adventure that has something to offer every age. For adults, it is an opportunity of ravishing sight-seeing and a low impact workout. Teens can capture a lot of pictures to flaunt on Instagram (which is their major concern these days). For kids, you can show them ways to interact with nature as kayaking in mangroves give you extraordinary natural scenery.

Kayaking in Abu Dhabi

Plus mangroves are located in a remote area, away from the city crowd, and are only accessible through these water sports. The water is crystal clear and you can easily locate many crabs and fish. The place is so calm and peaceful that only sweet chirping of birds is audible. You’ll never know until you experience it with your own eyes.

Kayaking in summers can be your best time spent as it keeps you cool. Cutting it into short, the reasons for kayaking are endless! Do this once and you would never want it to end. Already craving for this lifetime experience? Go book a kayak and make most of your life.

What are the things to look for while selecting a Kayaking company?

There are so many companies offering kayaking and other watersports throughout Abu Dhabi, but here is a list of things that makes kayak tour services the best

  • Safety: your number one priority while selecting a company should always be safety. Before you head off on your paddle, Make sure that the company has all the training to deal with emergencies. Do they have a lifeguard? It is important to do your kayaking safety checks whether it’s a jolly, flat, beginner-friendly tour or an epic challenging one.
  • Staff: do check out if the staff is professional and experienced and they know what they are doing to avoid fraud.
  • Cooperation: the company should be cooperative and entertaining. So, that you have an exciting sail and not a waste of time and money.
  • Location: Oh boy! This matters a lot because kayaking is incomplete without breathtaking sights. The best company in Abu Dhabi must be offering kayaking in the Mangroves Forest.

Keeping all these attributes of the best kayaking company in mind, Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is what you are looking for.

What makes us the best water sports company?

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports has grown a lot over the years. Adding luxurious island trips, kayak renting and tours, boat cruise vacations, stand-up paddle boarding, water bikes, and many water adventure offering to their dear guests to highlight their trip to Abu Dhabi. They provide excellent facilities with very affordable kayaking packages, go invest in your soul. They are open all days a week. You can easily book a kayak with them online.

Water sports activities

Stand up paddle boarding in the Mangroves Forest

Stand up paddle boarding is another fun and different adventure that you can enjoy with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports. Its popularity has significantly increased because it gives you complete freedom to explore around and have a lot of pleasure.

Secondly, it is a hardcore workout that you can enjoy with your animal. Oh wow! You can bring your pets with you and paddle around with them! Isn’t it great? All you have to do is rent a large board and paddle through mangroves while standing up. It sounds tricky, but I bet it is not difficult at all once you get on board. Don’t let the fear pull you back from this amazing adventure. Read more about SUP on

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