Full Moon Kayaking tour at Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports Abu Dhabi

Full Moon Kayaking

Around the world, many people gather in whatever way they can to enjoy the full moon and its remarkable beauty every now and then. People set out watch parties, picnics, and gather around with loved ones. Keeping that in mind we have created the perfect getaway for you and your family to enjoy full moon event every month. Book Full Moon Kayaking tour in the lush Mangroves of Abu Dhabi.

Full Moon Kayaking tour

Kayaking at nighttime is completely different than the bright tours you can get at the islands in the morning. It is much more private and secluded, moreover, you can see the world function in the dead of the night. With nothing but the moonlight slightly shining your path in your waters you can really see the marine wildlife in their own habitat.


Full Moon night Kayaking Event in Abu Dhabi

Venture along the serene waters of the beautiful islands of Abu Dhabi under the moonlight in intimate groups of family and friends. If you want to experience something out of a movie, you’ve arrived at the right place. Kayaking in the morning is a beautiful experience but it surely does not match the beauty of the warm mystical Full moon kayaking tour nights in Abu Dhabi. The waters lit by moonlight and the surreal bioluminescence of marine microbes is something that would be engraved in your memories for the rest of your life. Groups of people from all over gather to witness the beauty and are left astonished by the scenic views. Many travel companies offer services around this time of the year that garner a lot of attention.

Duration of full moon Kayaking tour

The services of night kayaking start from 9 pm at night and carries on into the later hours till 11:30 PM. The ride lasts for approximately 120 min which ensures ample time for exploring the waters and enjoying the picturesque views. Candidates must arrive approx. 30 minutes ahead of the time the ride starts so everything carries on smoothly.

Group and Ages Limits

Since the activity is not very high effort kids over ages 7 and up can register for full moon kayaking tour help every month at Dhafeer St – Zone 1 Eastern Mangrove promenade Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

PRICES Of Kayaking Tour

Prices start at just AED 89 for adults and AED 69 for children with amazing services and dedication so book away.  Note:  While booking online do not forget to use promo code MWS10 to get 10 % discount on every booking of full moon night kayaking tour.

Ramdan night full moon kayaking

Included Services

The ride comes with preloaded kayak tour set that includes a life jacket, a comfortable kayak, padded seat and a paddle. You can additionally also avail the service of one of our experienced guides that will not only help you navigate in the waters but also tell you about the island and its rich history. It also includes a fresh fruit salad, drinking water bottles and a place to wash and rinse.

Nighttime Tour of The Eastern Mangrove Promenade

There is something about the lush and rich mangrove waters and the peaceful waters of the archipelago that sets a heavenly scene. Accompanied by your loved ones this is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss on. Book in our upcoming 2 days event of full moon night now.

Single Kayaking Vs Double Kayaking

You can also book a kayak boat with all the important necessities so you can enjoy the ride on the peaceful waters.

In case you are out for a fun time on the waters with your friend or partner, Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers double kayaking as well. You can explore the waters and grand views plus get to encounter the marine life like crabs, sting beams, herons etc.

Sunrise and Sunset Kayaking

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers you kayaking double a day at morning and evening time. On the chance that you like the glow of the sun and appreciate the beautiful views in daylight you can benefit from the morning ride offer. Or if you need to encounter the island waters at dusk where the sun paints the sky in wonderful orange shade book a ride on the seashore at a low cost of just AED 130.

Sunrise Kayak tour

How to Book?

Online Booking is very easy you can also contact us at WhatsApp (0504407008). Full Moon kayak event is going to be very excited for you. So, book your next nature getaway with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports without any hesitation and enjoy your night event like never. Tag along friends or partners for a beautiful romantic time on the beach and water and experience the beauty of Abu Dhabi.

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