Enjoy Ramadan night kayaking with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports in Abu Dhabi


As Ramadan starts, people from all over the world gather in the main hub of retail and lifestyle in Abu Dhabi in the eastern mangrove forests for a chance to experience the beauty of the nature and also witness the fast pace life in the entertainment sectors of the busy city. In this beautiful city Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is providing outdoor enjoyment. In The Ramadan night kayaking event at eastern mangrove promenade. You can enjoy night kayaking under full moon with your friends and family from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports serving their clients with Fruits, salad, tea & life jackets for their safety. We have also taken COVID-19 precautionary and Preventive measures.

RAMADAN NIGHT KAYAKING AT Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports 

As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts, allow the crescent-shaped moon to brighten your path toward enlightenment. Feel the beauty of Allah’s creation in its full glory at one of the most beautiful islands located in Abu Dhabi. Since in the month of Ramadan many believers come to visit the revered and holy country of UAE, this proves as the perfect time to spend your vacations and being able to connect with nature in your own way. Since the temperature, wind and tides are perfect this time of the year, it provides you a perfect opportunity to explore the islands. Enjoy Ramadan night kayaking with us. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers you to enjoy water sports activities through all planned events in the eastern mangroves forests and promises you a Ramadan like never before.


Picture a scene of shining stars, and moonlit water. You’re accompanied by your family and friends that all share a moment of absolute beauty and serenity of the island at night. Night kayaking is the perfect adventure for you if you’re looking to experience not only kayaking but the beauty of nature at night. Such as Full moon night kayaking. Another surreal occurrence in night time kayaking is the breathtaking bioluminescence that’s found in some parts of water. You can watch the tiny microorganisms that when stirred of by water ripples produce luminescent sparkles that glow in the late hours.



Kayaking in Abu Dhabi at night time is an overall more surreal and mystical experience than kayaking in the morning. Groups of people from all over gather to witness the beauty and are left astonished by the scenic views. Many travel companies offer services around this time of the year that gather a lot of attention.


If you’ve explored the eastern promenade in the morning and were mesmerized by its beauty. You have yet to see its captivating scenes at night time. The dark, lush forests surrounded by the moonlit waters paints a heavenly view.


The mangroves water and sports company offers you incredible after iftar kayaking tours in Abu Dhabi islands. If you want to have an eventful and breathtaking Ramadan, look no further. At amazing prices and service quality, MWS gives you a chance to spend these holy days surrounded by loved ones, showing gratitude to not only the people in your life but the world round you too. After iftar water sports activities make you healthy and fresh.


Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers the following various services during Ramadan season at night time to view the beautiful moon and the light it spreads it on the waters.


Want to see the beautiful crescent of this blessed month? MWS has you covered by the night time kayaking trips it offers where the moonlight paints the waters a glimmering shade you can book a trip to enjoy water sports at night. Including Kayak set, a service of a guide, fruit salad, drinking water bottles, a place to wash, use of a changing area you can enjoy a ride with no hassle or worries.


The prices start at just AED 99 so what seems to be the delay? Book online at mws.ae now for an unforgettable experience. Our ride includes life jackets, fruits and strong tea that makes you indulge in its taste.


The tour starts at 9:00 PM after iftar and carries on until 1:30 AM in the morning. Enjoy a 2 hour ride that allows you ample time to explore the island and its marine wild life. You can also explore further options in our huge selection of services that are specially curated to meet your needs and desires;


Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers a fully guided kayak tour along side our experienced staff that will accompany you and your family on the serene and tranquil waters of the archipelago, beaming with breathtaking views and marine wildlife that are ready to be explored.


You can also book a preloaded kayak boat with all the necessities so you can comfortably enjoy the waters on the archipelagos peaceful waters.


In case you’re out to get a pleasant time on the waters with your friend MWS offers double kayaking in the islands. At the cost of only 85 AED you can explore the waters and grand views plus get to encounter the marine life like crabs, sting beams, herons etc.

water sports


Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers you kayaking double a day at morning and evening time. On the off chance that you like the glow of the sun on your skin and appreciate the beautiful perspectives in the daylight you can benefit the morning ride offer. In the event that you need to encounter the island waters at dusk where the sun paints the sky in wonderful orange shade book a ride on the seashore at a low cost of just AED 130.


So book your Ramadan night kayaking getaway online with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports now. Enjoy picturesque views along your loved ones and have a bonding session with your family as you experience the wonders of the world of the creator. Connect with nature and wildlife for a more spiritual Ramadan experience and enjoy while our company gives you the best vacations of your life.

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