Stand Up Paddle Boarding Abu Dhabi

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Standup Paddle Boarding

Stand up Paddle Boarding in Abu Dhabi

SUP is a remarkable movement for the people of Abu Dhabi. Those people who live, or go to Abu Dhabi enjoy this activity, and feel cheerful. Mangrove Adventures is providing an extraordinary service of Stand up Paddle Boarding in Abu Dhabi. It is such an amazing activity because of many health benefits.

Most people assumed that Stand up paddle boarding is more difficult task than other sports but no, it’s too easy. Its exclusivity is that people can enjoy a lot and their full body (head to foot) is involved in this precious activity.


Mangroves Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is popular due to its distinct attributes. Beginners can also do it easily like an expert. Only hold pedals, board, and avail oneself in an incredible venture. Mangroves offer you slight water waves, you can easily relish with your family.

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports are being provided for water sports trips in the region of Abu Dhabi. We offer many pretentious activities which include Kayaking, water bike tour, Island trips, Boat Cruises, and stand up boating. Our customers are more satisfied with its lovely services, you can become a part of this joyful activity.

Services Days and Area

Everyone can enjoy this service with their family members all days in a week. This service is operating only in eastern mangroves promenade near Anantara hotel Abu Dhabi. One full day has been decided only for women. Wednesday every week is specially kept for women. Now come and be a part of this fantastic entertainment.

SUP Boarding Steps

Only some steps you need to follow and then you become a pro standup boarding Peddler. Now come and see some steps here:

  • Firstly, take the perfect sized paddle according to your height
  • Go in the water with your SUP and then put your knees on the paddleboard
  • Gradually when you feel comfortable on paddleboard then stand up with a great balance
  • Hold the paddle in your hand and stand vertically on the board
  • Make sure that you have stood at an optimal point(center) for balance
  • Keep Balance and practice it slowly, and then see that after some time you will feel more comfortable in stand-up paddle boarding

Considerable Qualities of SUP Boarding

Standup Paddle Boarding is not only astonishing fun but also beneficial for increasing our well-being. When people paddle on board then they can decrease numerous calories from their body. Those people who use standup paddling do not need to do exercise or join any Jim. SUP increases our stamina and makes us more active. People feel more alert and fresh because of this fun. It helps relieve our stress or anxieties also. People can enjoy a lot of time with their families and friends from this offering.

Standup Paddle Boarding Packages

Mangrove’s Stand Up paddling service is one of the best services as compared to others. People can enjoy it in a few amounts because its price packages are economical. Those people who try our services want to enjoy it more. Never wait anymore, to cherish this marvelous deal.

No doubt Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports’ standup paddle boarding is the brightest service in Abu Dhabi. People can enjoy a lot and increase their joyful movements in their life. Although enjoyment is necessary to make ourselves energetic and practicable. It is suggested that everyone Should have time for themselves to get out of their mother nature.

Enjoy water life with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports and make your tour more adventurous.