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If you’re looking for an activity in the nature that is suitable for your whole family and is guaranteed to provide a fun time for you and your loved ones, then look no further. Kayaking in Abu Dhabi during gorgeous weather that seems is made for relaxing times in the waters, is a sport many people visit the area for.  Experience the exotic wild life like never before whether that is the marine life or off shore variety of animals found on the islands. Local tourism companies provide attractive packages that provide tourists with opportunities to grasp the natural beauty of Abu Dhabi.


At the Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports our incredible services provide you a fun and adrenaline filled ride along the waters surrounding the lush mangrove forests of the Abu Dhabi coastline. Experience the serenity and peace of the waters glistening in the warm summer rays and explore wildlife both on land and in the clear waters. Take the taste of mangrove kayaking at eastern mangroves promenade of Abu Dhabi.




Tourists often see Abu Dhabi as an emerging metropolis with high rising buildings, exquisite fine dining experiences and gigantic shopping arenas. While all of that is true, the natural beauty of Abu Dhabi is just as breathtaking. Situated in the lush mangrove forests, discover the peaceful and serene kayaking canals beaming with picturesque views. As you navigate through the lush mangroves you might just spot a  rare species of birds, an exotic variety of marine and mammal life, turtles, foxes and even some flamingos. Perfect for families and people of all age groups.


Get ready to try out a unique way of seeing the Louvre , Abu Dhabi’s mind blowing architectural structure. Follow your guide in a kayak for a 60 minute ride on the waters that showcase artwork from all around the world. It is a slow pace activity so it is suitable for both adults and younger participants and requires little to no previous experience.


Situated between islands, jubail Mangrove Park is on a 15 minute drive from downtown Abu Dhabi and is famous for its beautiful seashore scenic views. It provides an amazing kayaking route being spread on almost 00 hectares. Also features residential areas, retail and restaurants.


Wadi whitewater channels extend upto a 1100 meter and are regarded as the lengthiest in the world. Although the channels are bigger compared to others, the rides are not necessarily. The location is ideal for beginners and experts likewise. Moreover, the company provides pre tour safety lessons so participants are more comfortable.


The 400 meter beach of Jumeirah at Saadiyat islands is the most ideal location for water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding due to the peaceful waters. The waters are populated by dolphins that come above the surface taking the participants by surprise. The water sports are ideal for kids as they get to experience marine animals such as dolphins in their natural habitat and unharmed.


 The companies that provide kayaking services can all be booked through online booking services that are provided by their respective websites. Mangroves water sports company can be booked by going to their website and booking for specific dates and number of individuals per ride. They provide a number of different kayaking options from single, double, sunrise and sunset kayaking and also midnight or full moon kayaking. Avail these amazing opportunities in the most amazing prices and enjoy your time with Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports.



If you’re looking for a fun activity surrounded by nature try kayaking in Abu Dhabi in the spectacular views of the mangrove forests. In the recent years, due to social media the UAE’s capital has seen more influx of people fascinated by the natural biodiversity of the area. If you are a fan of pure natural beauty then mangroves park is the place to visit on your vacation. The sea conditions are calm and even if you are a first-timer, there is little to no danger. The company provides life jackets and vests to ensure your safety.


Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers kayaking at multiple times of the day in different packages. The sunrise and sunset kayaking starts off at 6am and 5 pm. Ramadan night kayaking starts at 8 pm to 10 pm. The full moon kayaking ride starts at 9 pm sharp. Other services involving kayaking can be booked according to the participants choice. Moreover, the company requires the participants to reach approx.. 20 to 30 minutes early so that the ride can be carried out smooth and safely. It is more likely advised to go on the waters when the sun isn’t too strong such as at sunrise and sunset.


  1. You would need a towel, change of clothes and appropriate footwear. Our company provides proper changing facilities that you are advised to check before your ride.
  2. Carry a sunscreen, sunglasses and a waterproof bag would also come in handy.
  3. Never mix alcohol or prescription drugs before setting out on waters.
  4. Do not exceed the weight limit. Always ask for a guided tour in case of not being accustomed to the waters before.
  5. Always double check for your life jacket.
  6. Stay hydrated and ask for water and snacks if provided in the service.

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