Boat cruise and self-drive electric ECO Boat tours in Abu Dhabi

Boat cruise and electric boat

Boat cruise and electric boat in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the fastest developing centers of culture and business in the Gulf. It was before an unassuming and more modest fishing town however in the recent years has formed into perhaps the most rapidly expanding city. It is also Famous due to water sports activities such as Kayaking, Boat cruise, self-drive electric boats and sun bath beaches. What’s captivating about Abu Dhabi is the way that it houses breathtaking and astonishing skyscrapers and regardless of whether that is entertainment meccas having the quickest rollercoasters or stunning high rises or the laid back, chill vibes of its coastlines. It has a tremendous and delightful coastline and offers a plethora of packages on the archipelago encompassed by tranquil, turquoise waters.

Nahyani white boat

Outdoor Activities in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to have a fun outdoor activity with your friends and family on your vacation in Abu Dhabi then look no further because Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers you the most attractive packages for kayaking, cruising and boat tours in the beautiful and lush mangrove islands. These beautiful scenes characterize the coastlines of Abu Dhabi so if you are up for a moment of serenity and tranquility on the waters you’ve come to the perfect place.

Services Provided by Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports

Electric Boat Tours

Whether you are a local or just visiting, you’d know Abu Dhabi is home to an abundance of wildlife. But how do you get a closer look without hurting the habitats you came to see? That’s where we come in! Self-Drive Electric Boat Adventure is a sightseeing service that offers zero-emission, electric boat tours. Our ultra-quiet, wildlife-friendly boats offer perfect viewing opportunities in a way that conserves the environment and provides a chance of experiencing the beauty of the islands.

Price of electric boat half hour tour is 150 AED for 2 adults and 1 Kid. For one hour boat tour price is 250 AED.

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Eco Boat Self-Drive

Be your own captain and float around the beautiful islands to enjoy your very own floating boats seating up to a few numbers of people. Bring your own food and drinks or take advantage of our services to enjoy a good time with your loved ones.

Eco Electric Boat

Enjoy a solitary or accompanied with your friends on an electric boat in the tranquil waters of the islands and enjoy the marine wildlife. Price for self-drive eco electric boat is 150 AED for 3 persons (2 adults + 1 kid). Location is Mangroves water sports & Adventures Eastern Mangroves promenade Abu Dhabi.

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Boat Cruise

The Arabian Breeze is of the perfect temperature if you want a relaxing boat cruise trip. The warm air hits the skin fulfilling all your dreams of a warm sunny heaven. Featuring three different options for boats that fit anywhere from 7 to 12 persons, we are fully equipped to give you and your loved ones an unforgettable ride on the waters. The unique sailing routes shows you Abu Dhabi’s incredible environmental heritage. Family, friends, or colleagues can discover green mangrove forests, marine wildlife and peace in the secluded islands surrounded by heavenly turquoise waters. Enjoy cruising with your family and friends on the beautiful waters for an unforgettable boat cruise experience.

Price for boat cruise in Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi is from 280 AED to 350 AED for 10 persons.

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Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers you a plethora of other services such as catamarans, party boat, speed boat cruises, kayaking for both single and multiple people, scuba diving, yacht services, paddle boarding etc. so you can enjoy both high activity and relaxing activities so you can have the best vacations in Abu Dhabi. there are many location for cruising in Abu Dhabi  You can book online any service on our website

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