Special Eid Night kayaking tour offers by Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports


Night Tour of Abu Dhabi

One of the worlds most booming and advanced metropolis, which is one of the most secure on the planet takes on an alternate character around the evening time. With parts of the capital becoming almost animated when the sun goes down. From gatherings for eastern mangrove kayaking around Louvre under the stars, playing golf, evening water park adventures, there’s such a huge amount of activities to enjoy in Abu Dhabi in the evening. Although Abu Dhabi is most famous for its magnificent skyline and towering sky scrapers, the city has an underrated natural and raw side too. The lush mangrove forests are a tourist favorite to explore both in the morning and at night. Now enjoy Eid night kayaking tour organized by Mangrove Adventures.


Although kayaking through the morning sun and feeling the fresh breeze surrounded by scenic views is a magical experience. Kayaking at night when the cold air and the water glistening under the moonlight at night presents a completely different experience. Abu Dhabi has tons of different areas you can kayak at in both mornings and nights. The Eastern mangrove & Jubail Mangrove park Abu Dhabi are two among these places.

Moonlight kayaking

Kayaking under the moonlight and stars the long canal leads into a beautiful domed display of one of the worlds most renowned art pieces.  Local tourist companies provide attractive packages all year round and especially on special occasions. Get a chance to experience the beauty of the booming metropolis’ magnificent views in the moonlight. Unwind and enjoy the peaceful waters and the serenity of the night sky under shining stars in the waters.



Many companies around this time of the year provide a serene and scenic tour of the mangroves promenade at night. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers night time kayaking of the eastern mangroves promenade so you can witness the beauty of the lush mangrove forests under the moonlight. Experience the natural beauty of the islands surrounded by turquoise waters with your family and loved ones this eid.


In the honor of happiest event of EID, Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports offers its guests a once in a lifetime offer of seeing picturesque views of Gods creations in its full glory. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports ensures nature enthusiasts around the world an experience with nature like never before. The lush mangroves forests are filled with exotic native wild life both in and out of waters. As you sail across the waters, you get to see animals like herons, crabs, etc. Certain parts of the water have a bioluminescence property that can be seen in tides. MWS offers you special offer on  EID night kayaking tour as:


Special offer eid night kayak tour of the mangrove forests and its waters is going to be provided on the 14 of May at 8 pm.


The ride will be a total of 120-minutes making its way along the coasts of the mangrove forests in Abu Dhabi surrounded by tranquil and calm waters.


The timing for the ride is 8 pm to 10 pm sharp. However, the guests are advised to arrive 30 minutes early so boarding process can go smoothly and without any last minute issues.


Dhafeer St – Zone 1Eastern Mangrove promenade – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates


Booking must be done approx. 4 hours ahead. You can book online through the Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports website. Select the time and date most suitable for you and your family.


  1. The services include an eid night kayaking set of a life jacket and kayak, a guide, and several refreshments such as fresh and aromatic Arabic coffee, a popular Arabic dessert called luqaimat, and water bottles.
  2. Also provides the convenience of a washroom and changing areas so you can enjoy your sails on the waters comfortably.


Prices start at just AED 89 per person for a 120 minute ride complete with complimentary services of food and refreshments and one of our seasoned and experienced guides so you can easily navigate the waters in the dark.


You can also avail of an additional six percent discount on the already reasonable price of the ride. Just use the promo code and get 6% off: EID6 and enjoy a surreal and unforgettable experience this Eid.

So book your slots in the limited offer now and enjoy the prosperous and joyous occasion of Eid among family or loved ones. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports wishes you a very happy Eid Mubarak and guarantees to give you and your family and friends an Eid like never before.

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