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Conserving and protecting mother nature through tree planting activity

tree planting at jubail mangrove park abu dhabi

Mangrove Adventures offers not only exciting water sports activities, but we also host outdoor activities for anyone who loves conserving and protecting mother nature. You’ll get the chance to connect with the environment – in a kayak. And you’ll get involved in planting young mangroves that will help protect and conserve the national habitat of […]

Cleanup initiative in Jubail Mangrove Park

In cooperation with Mangroves Adventure, Abu Dhabi Youth Center, and the Swimming Division of the Emirates Heritage Club, and Jubail Mangrove Park, with the participation of a number of students affiliated with the Emirates Heritage Club initiated the cleanup initiative to save, conserve and protect Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Mangrove Park. The campaign succeeded in extracting […]

Special Eid Night kayaking tour offers by Mangrove Adventures


Night Tour of Abu Dhabi One of the worlds most booming and advanced metropolis, which is one of the most secure on the planet takes on an alternate character around the evening time. With parts of the capital becoming almost animated when the sun goes down. From gatherings for eastern mangrove kayaking around Louvre under […]