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Spending vacations in Abu Dhabi is a dream of many people. There are amazing water sports & Kayaking services in Abu Dhabi. As we know, Abu Dhabi is famous for its Mangroves forests and water Islands. But to enjoy at all these places, you need a package to maximize your experience better.

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is a famous company or service provider of Abu Dhabi that helps you to take the experience of all the best places in Abu Dhabi. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is providing all the services and will enhance their customers with amazing technology and the beauty of Nature in Abu Dhabi. MWS are providing their services at very affordable rates. So now let us discuss the services provided by Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports.

Kayaking in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a famous place for tourists to visit. Enjoying the Kayaking service in the Mangrove forest is just like heaven. Kayaking is a famous water sport where a kayak sits and paddles for boating in the water. There are a lot of sizes in boats and most of the portion of boat remains in the water. These types of sports especially played in the ocean, lakes, and rivers. You will feel amazed by viewing nature’s beauty and the silence in the forests. If you are going for the first time then you should hire some services that can help you to enjoy all the other experiences.

You will get a lot of water sports activities there that can help in relaxing your mind.

You can see small fishes in the water and if you are a bird lover then you can see them in Mangroves forests. You don’t have to worry about the dangerous animals, there is nothing like that. There is a complete peace you will get to feel in the Mangroves forests. To enjoy all the services, you should go with Mangroves Water Sports services.


Kayaking Company in Abu Dhabi

With Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports services you will get all the amazing experiences of Kayaking in Abu Dhabi. With Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports, you can enjoy many other services like Water Bike tour, Island trips, Fishing, Boat Cruise, and Stand up Paddle Boating. MWS’s main aim is to provide all the best services to its customers and make them aware of the beauty of Nature in Abu Dhabi, the wonder and a different journey of their life in Abu Dhabi.

With Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports services, you can view a beautiful sunset in Mangrove lakes and a different experience of water biking in coastal areas. Kayaking in water is always an amazing sport for all the tourists. We will provide you all the services that you have thought before coming to Abu Dhabi.

All the services we are providing to our customers are fully affordable, whichever service you want from us will provide you in an affordable rate. We have added multiple packages for our customer, that gives a lot of benefits to our customers. We will not only provide you the quality of services but we will also take care of your time and will give you all the amazing experiences within your prescribed time. We guarantee that you will be amazed after having our services because we want to explore our self all over the world by providing a great service and satisfy all of our customers.

Best Mangrove Kayaking Services

Kayaking is one of the best water sports of Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy the fullest of your adventure trips. For enhancing the best experience, you need a service provider that can help you to have a life long experience with Kayaking. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports will help you to enlarge your experience.

With our experienced team, you can enjoy all the water sports with proper guidance, they will guide you at each step. We will provide you all the safety measures that are necessary for the water sports and will give you very standard services. You can enjoy single kayaking and double kayaking in abu dhabi for 1 or 2 hours at reasonable rates.

We are the best service provider for tourists in Abu Dhabi. We will take all the responsibilities of the safety measures for you and will make your journey memorable. We already have thousands of satisfied clients and now again want a chance to satisfy our customers. As we know, the budget matters a lot when we are going somewhere so we will provide you all the services in a very reasonable rate. Here are our charges for different packages.

Kayaking Vacation Packages

Yes, the budget plays an important role while going on any trip. Some basic expenses can sometimes over your budget. There are many other service providers in Abu Dhabi but no one can provide better services than us. We have added the Kayaking packages as per the convenience of the customers. You can book our services from all over the world through PayPal. We have different rates for different Kayaking services and here are the categories and rates of different categories.

Eastern Mangrove Single Kayak in which only one person can sit and can enjoy the Kayaking with self-riding.

Eastern Mangrove Double Kayak in which two persons can sit together in a single boat. One at the front side and another at the backside. The price for 1 hour of the service is around 70-100 AED. Our only aim is to provide the services at very reasonable rates.

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