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Mangroves Water Sports

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports set up two years ago, is one of Abu Dhabi’s best marine visits and water-sports companies and plans to create an eco-friendly travel industry in Abu Dhabi. Working from the Eastern Mangroves National Park of Abu Dhabi spreads more than 19 square kilometers, we offer Boat Tours to investigate the capital’s coastal coastline. We take you on an excursion into an entirely another world.

Why us?

With a different scope of visits on offer, visitors can head out on open, full or half-day boat trips around the coastal, investigate unblemished concealed seashores, or appreciate a daring oar profound into the mangroves. In Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports we intend to be the mean for all the nature and outside lovers to investigate and find the excellence that Abu Dhabi has to bring to the table wilt its other mangrove woods aggregations or inland familiar and legacy collaborations.

Water Sports activities in Abu Dhabi

We offer economic kayak tours to numerous areas around the waterfront waters and inland territories of Abu Dhabi. We intend to instruct and advance the consciousness of the area’s essential eco-framework. Just as offering an assortment of visits, we additionally provide participation (kayaking and cruising), and guidance.

We are also the best island visit organization in Abu Dhabi because of our incredible encouraging courtesies for visits and outings. Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports are first-class concerning water sports activities and different excursions and visit exercises.

Locations for Kayaking & Boating

  • Mangrove – Maqta Abra Hopper – Abu Dhabi
  • A Jubail Island- Abu Dhabi

Call us: +971 54 433 2223

Water Sports Services

What we have for you when you visit Abu Dhabi?

Our services include kayaking, water bikes, boat cruise, island trip and stand-up paddle boarding, which all done in a way that is thoughtful to the climate—wandering into a secluded mangrove backwoods for one of the most exciting open-air encounters our excellent nation has to bring to the table on the edges of Abu Dhabi Island. The friendly, experienced and multi-lingual team will invite you onboard to feature the best of Abu Dhabi, seen from an alternate point.

  1. Kayaking

There are barely any encounters like rowing through Eastern Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi! You don’t need to be an eco-traveller to value one of the distinctive gifts of the U.A.E. when you adventure into the mangrove timberland. The amicable hints of streaming water in the mangrove woodland make a captivating environment of peaceful isolation. Journeying through the mangroves is reasonable for tenderfoots, making it an intense fascination for all.

We are giving kayak tours in two celebrated areas, Eastern Mangroves Promenade close to Anantara lodging Abu Dhabi and Jubail Mangrove Park situated on Abu Dhabi’s Al Jubail Island. The mangrove backwoods is one of the most normal destinations far wide from the city. Our organization has an expertly prepared individual who will plan and guide you for the best water fun and Kayaking in Abu Dhabi. Kayaking services include:

Single Kayak

Rental Duration: Up to 120 minutes

Price: AED 50

Double Kayak

Rental Duration: Up to 120 minutes

Price: AED 100

Guided Kayak Tour

Rental Duration: Up to 120 minutes

Price: AED 140

Palm Jumeirah Kayaking

  1. Boat Cruise

We have a broad scope of exclusive high standard boat cruise accessible for your excursion. Moreover, we have all the safety measures for your wellbeing and security.

It is your opportunity to pick the best water sports organization. We guarantee that we are the ones who can serve you concerning your outing in an ideal manner. Additionally, we are at present contributing our administrations in Eastern Mangroves National Park of Abu Dhabi. Appreciate astounding Sunset Boat Cruise in Abu Dhabi. Our committed staff consistently prepare to serve you 24/7 hours. Boat Ride services include:

Boat Cruise

Rental Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Price: AED 250

Boat Cruise

Rental Duration: Up to 60 minutes

Price: AED 350


  1. Water Bikes

Amazingly, now you can appreciate Water Bike Tour in Abu Dhabi close to the mangrove forest.

 Have you ever longed for water sports?

Envision yourself riding on the water bicycle close to the excellent zones alongside the mangroves forest. Different games are accessible which you can appreciate. Presently you can likewise get a Full-Day Water Bike Tour Package in the most conservative bundle.

We likewise comprehend the estimation of your time and cash. Honestly, you will also get high class and the best water sports experience with us. Water Bike services include:

Single Bicycle

Rental Duration: Up to 120 minutes

Price: AED 90

Double Bicycle

Rental Duration: Up to 120 minutes

Price: AED 120


  1. Island Trip

There are a lot of delightful Islands in Abu-Dhabi. A few islands contain common magnificence and dazzling water life. Indeed, a few islands are likewise counterfeit; nonetheless, every one of these islands is appealing. There are some well-known islands for kayaking  you should visit in Abu Dhabi.

  • Yas Island
  • Saadiyat Island
  • Dalma Island
  • Coconut Island
  • Nurai Island
  • Bliss Island
  • Dolphin Island
  • Sir Bani Yas Island

Every one of these islands has extraordinary regular excellence. In particular, there are a lot of exercises you can appreciate on these islands. Mangroves Water Sports are offering Cheap Island Vacation Packages; moreover, we are likewise offering high-class offices on these islands with numerous games exercises for no particular reason and experience.

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is famous because of its remarkable traits. You can likewise do it effectively like a specialist. Just hold pedals, board, and profit yourself in a staggering endeavour. Details of Island Trip are:

Island Trip

Duration: Up to 5 hours

Price: AED 1200

Facilities Include Carpet, Chairs, Barbeque, Kayak and Life Jackets.


  1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle is an excellent development for you. If you live or visit Abu Dhabi, you will appreciate this activity, and feel bright. M.W.S. is offering unprecedented support of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Abu Dhabi. It is such a great activity as a result of numerous medical advantages.

You can appreciate this administration with your family throughout all days in a week. This administration is working just in Eastern Mangroves Promenade close to Anantara lodging Abu Dhabi. One entire day has been chosen distinctly for ladies. Wednesday consistently is uniquely saved for ladies. Details of Standup Paddle Boarding are:

Standup Paddle

Rental Duration: Up to 120 minutes

Price: AED 120


How you can pay for our sports services?

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports acknowledge payment by Visa or MasterCard debit and credit card in AED for its items and administrations. All online buys additionally administer by the terms and states of individual vendor specialist organizations. It will be ideal if you audit particular vendor specialist co-op’s client understanding and security strategy before entering any exchange.

Terms and Conditions


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