Best places for water sports and Kayaking in the UAE

Kayaking & water sports in Abu Dhabi

Kayaking has one of the best-loved water sports in UAE. Not only that it is fun to travel covering water in a very light boat, but also its improve your mental problems stamina & overall health. Kayaking became very salable in recent years but nowadays its prevalent water sports in the UAE. The focal point of the chapter is the extraordinary environmental impact of water sports on wildlife as well as the impact of the chemicals on water sports “hydrocarbons & heavy metals. Water sports have added fun as they are more interesting than land games. Water sports activities improve physical health, strength, speed, skills & growth of an individual.

What is Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports & why are they special?

They provide all services like island trip, kayaking & boat cruises in Abu Dhabi. Mangroves help people weather the impact of climate change, but they are also its causes.


Kayaking is perfect for the restful waterboarding in UAE this fun is a great way to keep in shape & get some exercise while exploring the city around you in a new way. There are many of spots in Abu Dhabi that have opportunities for kayaking, along with excellent sight and professional resources available & best places for kayaking in Abu Dhabi UAE, along with expenses, contact details and more!

Water Adventures Activities

The water activities in UAE for swift time, there’s plenty of water sports in UAE for those looking for an aquatic adventure in the city.

Zup boarding

This is a great adventure you can enjoy with your family & friends. Zup board is a fun & entertaining thing to do to you can enjoy a lot in this water sports activities in your summer & winter vacations the tourist loves this 15-minute water activity as it can be done kneeling, standing or lying on the board. Zup boarding grips your core muscle, reduce stress, Builds stamina. MWS provide All package in zup boarding including water bottle, foods & instructors.

Criteria for zup boarding:

  • Visit the website for booking.
  • 18 years & above
  • Valid photo ID
  • Minimum weight for all 50kg & maximum weight of 150kg

Features of zup boarding

  • Zup board
  • Food
  • Private tours
  • Life jackets’

Cost price:

  • Per person AED 312.


The Donut Ride

The doughnut ride is the perfect family water sports in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the mind-blowing activity all over the water with plenty of swashing & twist to keep everyone thrilled. It is a humour ride that you shouldn’t forget.

This water activity boosts your blood movement, burn calories & improve your mental problems.

Highlights of doughnut ride

  • Life jacket
  • Professional instructions
  • Child allows ten years above

Average cost:

  • 15-minutes approx. AED 106 to 125 per person.


Another best & perfect water activity is Kayaking in Abu Dhabi. It’s very Amazing training to improve your fitness & strength. MWS gather kayaking services in two famous locations Jubail mangroves’ park & Eastern mangroves’ in UAE & most important you can also enjoy 3 hours kayaking services at a low price. Things to remember you get all lifesaving & water supplies, that secure your safety on priority. Kayaking in UAE we are the great services providers & have lots of satisfied people’s. Best Kayaking places is Hatta & palm in UAE.


Singal kayak price AED 110 per 3 hours, double Kayak cost AED 160 for 3 hours.

Places to go for kayaking in the UAE

A different side of the UAE in a Kayak can be a great way to pass some time for relaxation.


  1. Eastern Mangroves

There’s a lot of love Eastern mangroves’ & the natural beauty of mangroves’ park is the brush to see even from arid land. Anyone can entertain by a swim in the sea and is significant for birds house. It is an excellent set-up for family & friends to spend a day out. Nice walk & enjoy the beautiful scenery. I recommend people to come & visit this wonderful place.

Popular Facilities:

  • Family rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi services
  • Free parking
  • Tea coffee maker in all rooms
  • Swimming pools

Average price:

  • For kids at AED105 & Adult AED160


  2: Reem park UAE

Al Reem Island is a fantastic growing park in UAE & this park developed by Aldar properties as a part of the social program. You can enjoy the sunshine from the Beach & the whole family can enjoy a movie outdoor. Reem island one of the most famous & attractive places in UAE capital. Its price is around about AED250m.


    3: Louvre Abu Dhabi

One of the famous sites in UAE is louvre Abu Dhabi. It is an art & civilization museum located in UAE. Louvre Abu Dhabi becomes the final place of a town prom, a garden on the shore, a calm haven, a screen of light during the day and evening & the most precious graft of art.” The frontage of the buildings is buildup of 3,900 panels of ultra-high tactics fibre concrete (UHPC). Its tickets finalized in AED31-63.


Planning Regulations for kayaking in UAE

Our company Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports is to provide all kayaking services for all clients. We offer a 10 to 20% discount for those people who can book a private tour, starting with Eight kayaks. In this case, we will customize the duration of the times, location etc. you usually will book it online on our website & you can reach us by email, phone & visiting our website & office. Our Kayak tours are accessible for everyone, so get ready & come to these places with your family & friends, its beautiful places, and you will always remember these places.

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