Amazing Island’s places in UAE Where You can enjoy water sports & Kayaking


Water Sports and Kayaking in Abu Dhabi

Island holiday will advantage you with implausible reminiscence & water sports activities. You feel like a bird, De-stress your mind & body, capture the beauty of moon & sun, ocean view. Isle is any slice of sub continental land that is comprehended by water. Some Island is Large & some are small/small Island may be called a holm. Lake Island & in a river island is called eyot/ait.

Why is it important?

Because Island ecosystems are also imparting to the preservation of ecosystem functions: they provide protection against natural affliction, raise nutrient cycling & sand and soil foundation, and they give an essential role to the rule of climate & diseases, but Water sports are physical activities that you can practice in both outdoor/ indoor activities like jet Ski & powerboat racing including from in these groupings.

 Abu Dhabi is foremost scarce State in the world & a holiday for every one of its 7 Emirates command amazement.  Water sports places are always fun. Water sports are the amazing choice for those who rejoice the outdoors, speed and mission.

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     The Biggest Island in UAE

 Biggest Island in the United Arab Emirates is Yas Island. Its area is 87 km & width around about 9 km it’s a natural island.

    Importance of Recreational water

   Recreational water refers to river/ lakes are used for recreational cause including swimming, surfing etc. water-based Exercise are also improve your many diseases & Recreational uses of water have increased in a recent decade all over the world.

     Luxury Island places:

There are often two types of Isle, human-made Isle & Continental Island, but we discuss just luxury Island places in UAE where people enjoy a lot. So there are 2 famous Water sports Islands, some details are below;

  • Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island is a natural island Locate in the UAE. This Island open in 2K9, it is a modern section that offers educational/social Facilities for the homeowner. Saadiyat Island has been proposing by the world Travel prize as the world focal beach story.  There are many facilities include free Wi-Fi, indoor pool & free parking. The road distance is 15.5 km & between Abu Dhabi to Saadiyat Island is 11 km.

  • Wadi adventure:

Wadi adventure has one of the sizeable pool with crashing waves jumbo enough to slice on. Wadi Adventure is a 2 hour’s drive from UAE. This park contains three world-class white water kayaking & rafting runs & daily opening from 11 am to 8 pm. Tickets price is AED 25 for child & 50 for Youngers. You can come to this place & enjoy a lot with family friends all day on holiday.If you planning an island holiday, the UAE is perfect for you for an island trip. We recommend UAE. You feel it revitalize & fresh, Isle rejuvenated you heart & others organ.

   Water sports Fun for Everyone:

  • Banana Boat:

Its popular water activity for all family members is it locate in Abu Dhabi. Banana boat is a Super way an exciting speed include water bike off the UAE white beach. Enjoy the beautiful views & have some fun in the cool water with the sprinkle of the surf on the go. Banana boating is very useful for mental health. The banana boat can use in the sea. Its cost price is for everyone is AED50 for 10 mints.

  • Boat cruise:

Boat Cruise Abu Dhabi is one of the most enjoyable water sport. It’s full of entertainment for all people. Mangroves Water sports in providing standard quality services for a long time. We are also the one gather unlimited entertaining facilities for corporate and family time. cruises improve three areas of your life: emotional, thinking & relational.AED250.00 for 30 mintus and AED350.00 for 60 mintus.

  • Paparazzi boat:

Paparazzi boat is a unique & perfect boat for all 3 or 4 members in the group. This water boat activity to reduce your stress & grow your child growth. It’s best Boat for everyone because you feel better & enjoy a lot, especially for the child. Its Cost price for everyone AED50.

  • Kayaking:

Mangrove Adventures for Marine Sports are one of the best Kayaking Company in Abu Dhabi. It’s a perfect journey for adventure, watersport that can improve your heart & lungs fitness, strength and tensility. This is one place where’s experience does not matter, but there are lots of risks connate to Kayaking. From dangerous water quality to dehydration & sun exposure, a day on the water could change into something dangerous. Still, if you’re careful, Kayaking can be a fun and safe sport for everyone in your family!  Kayaking is extensive Exercise and gives you an intimate view that immerses you in nature top 10 health benefits of Kayaking to get you ready to go weight loss, stress, mental health, get the origin of vitamin D, improve your heart health.

kayaking in Abu Dhabi

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120 mints kayak single 50.00 AED & double tour from 100.00 AED & Guided tours from 140.00 AED.

 Appropriate legislation:

The best mangroves’ kayaking company in Abu Dhabi, you could feel better in these places. We provide all services with affordable rates for all members, so you come to this place & visiting these beautiful Islands & water sports activities you feel much better all day. But some rules & registration are here you can follow them & you contact us with mob number, web sites or you can visit our office.

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