In other words, best Mangrove Water sports and Kayaking company in Abu Dhabi doesn’t just care about the quality of the services we offer, but we also care about your time, and we wish to provide you with an overall wholesome experience.

In a nutshell, if you ever plan to spend your vacations in the dream-like tourist locations of the world renown Abu Dhabi, you can always count on Mangrove Water sports to provide you with the best water sports trips related service.

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Boat Cruise


From: د.إ 350.00
From: د.إ 250.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade

Self-Drive Electric White Boat

From: د.إ 180.00

Boat Cruise


From: د.إ 350.00
From: د.إ 110.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade


From: د.إ 99.00
From: د.إ 170.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade


From: د.إ 105.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade


From: د.إ 99.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade


From: د.إ 50.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade


From: د.إ 100.00

Eastern Mangrove Promenade


د.إ 1,200.00


Have you ever dream of spending your vacations on a boat cruise in Abu Dhabi? Have you ever thought about participating in water sports trips like kayaking and water-biking? No matter what your specific learning about water sports trips might be, We as a best Water Sports company have got you covered.

Mangroves Water sports company provide you all the services that you could think of: from kayaking to Island trips and from sunset boat cruises in Abu Dhabi , our services will make you glad you hired the services of Mangroves Watersports.

Water Sports Trip Services

MWS (Mangroves Water sports) has been specializing in water sports trips in Abu Dhabi and other similar activities like

 in the world-renown tourist locations of Abu Dhabi. Our list of satisfied customers keeps on growing by the hour, and we would like for you to be a part of it.

Our Mission

MWS Mangrove water sports company in Abu Dhabi are on a mission. We aspire to bring our customers in close contact with nature itself. In today’s machine-age of advanced motorization, all of our activities have become dependent on technology. We have forgotten the way of life that our ancestors experienced.

Mangroves kayaking company

We dream of bringing our customers to see the actual mesmerizing visage of nature: a dream-like vista, full of heavenly life-forms that would make you think that you have been transported into a different realm, away from the urban smog and clanking horns of our daily lives. Your soul will be healed. That is the power of nature, and we wish to bring that to you.

Through best Mangroves kayaking company in Abu Dhabi you could watch a beautiful sunset from a boat cruise in Abu Dhabi’s Mangrove lakes; you could feel the breeze brushing your cheeks while water-biking in Abu-Dhabi’s coastal areas; Mangrove Watersports operates on and explore Abu Dhabi by kayaking. Whatever non-motorized water-sport you can think of, we can provide it to you.


We are operating in two famous area eastern mangroves promenade near Anantara hotel Abu Dhabi & Jubail mangrove park Located on Abu Dhabi’s Al Jubail Island. The Abu Dhabi Mangrove National Park covers over 19 square kilometers of protected coastal mangrove forests. In this wide region of mesmerizing lakes, beautiful flora and charming fauna, including well over 60 species of birds, our customers indulge in various watersports related activities like kayaking, boat cruises, water-biking, Island trips and many other things. Your spirits will be elated after hiring the services that Mangroves Watersports has to offer.

We Work With The Best


All of the services at Mangroves Watersports trips are extremely affordable. Whether you feel like water-biking in the lake, just chilling in a boat cruise or Kayaking in Abu-Dhabi, Mangroves Watersports can provide all of those things at affordable rates.


Additionally, we offer multiple time-based Water sports trips packages for almost all of the services we offer, like the sunset boat cruise in Abu Dhabi and the water-biking on the coast, so that you can choose which ever package you like, according to your own level of convenience.


You want enjoy kayaking or want to stay on a boat cruise in Abu Dhabi for an hour or half an hour? You can do that by hiring our Watersports trips services. Wish to water-bike out in the sea for half an hour? We got you covered. Want to kayak through Abu Dhabi’s Mangrove lakes with your friends and family? We got you covered there too.

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